Minimalistic WP-plugin to create custom urls including custom files

I thought I should share this little wordpress plugin with you. Get it from here

What should I use it for?

  • XHR (AJAX-requests). When you don’t want to use wp_ajax-hook.
  • When you’re creating a RESTFUL API or something similar
  • When you just want a custom url with a custom behavior.

How it works

Let’s get down to business. It will only take you a couple of minutes.


  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Activate permalinks (everything else than default is fine)
  3. Go to “” and follow the instructions there.


Just include your custom urls into the array $eur_urls like this:

$eur_urls = array(
  "my-cool-url" => "my/absolute/path/to/my/cool/file.php"

Include this wherever you want – but suitable places would be in your theme’s functions.php or in your wp-config.php

Stuff that ain’t that awesome

It doesn’t support any wildcard or anything like that. No regular expressions. You can only use static urls. In the next version I will include an update so you can use urls like “posts/*”.

Fork it on github

Or give me some feedback!

5 thoughts on “Minimalistic WP-plugin to create custom urls including custom files”

  1. Hey, I think this is a great plugin, but I can’t seem to make it work. I added an array to functions.php or wp-config.php, in the same format in your example for my custom rewrite. But it keeps saying the page is not found.

    I want to create a simple rewrite for the login url. For example, rewrite wp-login.php to login.

    I appreciate any help with this. Thanks a lot.

  2. I tweaked your plugin to allow me to do some internal redirects. I recently converted my site from Joomla to WP and I have a lot of old references hitting my site that I want to maintain.

    So, I use a joomla URL – ie /resume.html and using your plugin I redirect it to the wordpress location.

    I added an else at the bottom,
    else {
    header(“Location: “.site_url().$file.”\r\n”);

    Works perfectly :)

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